Welcome to Procon

Procon provides construction services to the Oil & Gas Industry of Pakistan in the area of installation of cross country pipelines and facilities .To  achieve high standards of performance at a competitive price the company employs modern methods of management based on sound principles and  scientific technique. These methods allow he company to control its rapidly growing operation.

Our Projects

  • Ongoing Oil & Gas Flow Lines
  • Gathering Lines
  • Gas Mains
  • Cross Country Pipelines
  • Gas Treatment Facilities
  • Dehydration Units
  • Amine Treatment Plants
  • LPG Extraction Plants Read More


  • Pakistan Engineering Council, Category C-2 Contracts
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Karachi.
  • International Pipeline & Offshore Contractors Association
Procon believes that its primary asset is its Trained Manpower and has developed painstakingly over the years a force of some 250 highly trained professionals that gives the Company its basic strength.
Turnover among the Company employees is almost non-existent despite lucrative offers from overseas. Both the Company and it’s employees see their future together and this point is amply demonstrated by the fact that 95% of the staff employed by the Company has stayed on.

The Equipment owned by the Company is its major asset.

Procon took an early cue from successful objective oriented organizations and structured its equipment rationally. For instance here is a short list of equipment and manufacturers which illustrates the intrinsic strength of Procon’s operational resilience…….Read More